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214 N Bolingbrook Dr. Bolingbrook IL. 60440

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My Hair Treatment has a wide range of products. Our most popular products are shown below.

Please call or stop by for more information on products.

My Hair Treatment (MHT)

MHT is a strengthening smoothing treatment that is a natural alternative for dry damaged hair It rejuvenates and revitalizes the hair shaft causing the the hair to be healthy and full of body. Multi-functional ingredients wakes up sleeping hair follicles which will stimulate and generate new hair growth.

Benefits are:

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- Makes your hair soft and


- Add moisture and hydrate your hair


- Stimulate hair follicles

- Generate new hair growth


- Protect hair shaft

- Add shine luster and body


- Frizz control (providing a partial humidity barrier)

- Smooth and soothe the hair


- Nurture and relieve dry itchy scalp

- Leaves the hair looking healthy

MHT Hair Oil

This oil was formulated to use with MY HAIR TREATMENT. It has multi-functional benefits as well. It's an all-natural-oil and is packed with antioxidants anti-inflammatory and fatty acids.

Benefits are:

- Rejuvenates dry damaged hair cuticles

- Prevents hair loss/reduces brittleness

- Locks in moisture

- Tames frizzy hair

- Reduces split ends

- Protects hair shaft and hair follicles

- Reduces scalp dryness

All these benefits assist the hair which will promote hair growth.

MHT Fine Hair Oil​

This oil was formulated to go with the MY HAIR TREATMENT. This is a light oil that doesn't weigh the hair down. It offers multi-functional benefits for the hair and is packed with antioxidants and fatty acids.

Benefits are:

- Holds moisture in the hair

- Strengthens and reduces split ends

- Protects hair shaft and hair follicles

- Prevents hair loss

- Rejuvenates dry damaged hair


This product was formulated to treat and heal dry, itchy, irritated, inflamed scalps. When used with regularity, this product will control or eliminate dandruff, regulate sebum, stimulate growth and improve overall circulation. Which allows the scalp to breathe. Thus you will have a happy itch free scalp.